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Apple MacBook Repair Service Abu Dhbai Computer Gallery We Repair Service MacBook, iMac, iPad, iPhone, iPad and Laptop Repair service we Fast Apple Service shop in Abu Dhabi,100% free dianostic service for all customers and 100 % Guaranteed Service support we Replace Macbook Screen, iMac Screen, iPhone screen replace, iPad Screen Relace and replace Macbook Battry ,iPhone Battery, iPad Battery upgreat iMac with speed up ram an SSD and all branded Laptop Repair servie in Town Internet Service in Abu Dhabi | Ipad Repair in Abu Dhabi | Laptop Repair in Abu Dhabi | Laptop Repair in Abu Dhabi | Virus Removal in Abu DhabiIf you are having difficulties installing or re-installing your Operating system or trying to upgrade to the latest OS X Mavericks, let us help you! We guarantee you won't lose any of your documents, photos, or data. We can easily reinstall any Operating System for you, we always save and backup all your data before doing anything!

OS X: About OS X Recovery

OS X Lion and later include OS

X Recovery

This feature includes all of the tools you need to reinstall OS X, repair your disk, and even restore from a Time Machine backup.

About Recovery

Recovery System

OS X Recovery includes a built in set of utilities as part of the Recovery System. You can use OS X Recovery to do the following: Restore your Mac from a Time Machine backup.Verify and repair connected drives using Disk Utility.Check your Internet connection or get help online using Safari.Install or reinstall OS X.To start your computer from Recovery, restart your Mac and hold down the Command and R keys at startup.

Requirements for reinstalling IOS & Windows using Recovery

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Reinstalling IOS for All Apple Product as Macbook, iMac,iPhone, iPad and Windows using Recovery requires broadband access to the Internet using a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. OS X is downloaded over the Internet from Apple when OS X Recovery is used for reinstallation. You must use DHCP on your Wi-Fi or Ethernet network to reinstall OS X using OS X Recovery. If you bought IOS from the Mac App Store, you may be prompted to enter the Apple ID and password you used to purchase IOS.